Dear friends,

A lot of my friends here at Lipscomb are Bible majors. I was actually one too, for a while, and they talked about things like eschatology and liturgy. Anyway, all that stuff becomes rather intimidating for the outsider or layman. It isn't really explicitly stated, but it kind of seeps into your subconscious that you are perhaps less fit to minister if your theologies have not been carefully built on hours of exegesis. They talk about callings and vocational ministries and you might feel just a little bit worthless if you haven't at least gone on a month long mission. It can be intimidating, really.

Anyway, I have the opportunity this Spring to travel to Ensenada, Mexico with Lipscomb University on a mission trip. But before I ask you for money, I really want to say thank you for investing in me. I think people raise a lot of eyebrows and give a lot of credit to those who got "trained" for this stuff or go for years at a time. And they deserve it, they really do. But I also think our vocation is pretty simple, and doesn't take a doctorate in theology or anything like that to act justly and to love mercy. And these things are good, God says so.

So if you can give joyfully to this mission, please do so. Otherwise, I am still incredibly grateful to have witnessed the way that you have ministered here and now to your neighbors and myself, and I cannot emphasize how much of an influence that has been to me growing up. It's the people that get this letter that let me know that faith isn't backed by an education or a degree but simply lived out.

If you would like to give monetarily you can do so at http://www.lipscomb.edu/development/Student-Mission-Gifts. You would type "Caleb Townsend" in the participant's name field and select "City of Children" as the trip name. If you cannot give, I'm sure the good Lord will provide should it be his will.

Oh, and sorry if that was too preach-y.


Caleb Townsend