I didn't get off of work until very late today, which is always very sad on a Friday. It hit me as I rounded Sugarloaf onto the comforting I-85 that I really hate money. That isn't to say I don't wish I had more of it. But I really loathe it.

I've got all this stuff, too, and I don't really like it either, but I want more of it also. I suppose that's a bit greedy, but admitting that I hate it has to be moving in the right direction. So step off.

Relationships are valuables. And that's it.

I've got this creeping suspicion that God uses our realization of the worthlessness of all of this stuff and money to bring us nearer to him. I cannot be sure, because turning to God because our worldly things are worthless seems as an elementary motivator to faith as can be, on multiple levels. I am sure the romantic in me would hope that love and grace or some other noble virtue would make up the primary motivators toward righteousness.

But at the exact same time, and I can see myself in this sometimes, someone may fall into God because this world is just lame.

I feel sometimes that this faith is like a Maslow pyramid balanced upside-down, wobbling like a spinning top. It is quite a sight when lived in truth: precarious, illogical, and full of passion.

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