Treasures on Earth

This is one that I hope becomes something that I believe when I write it.

It is strange to want a spirit that is righteous but still function in a manner otherwise.

Similarly, it is strange to recognize one's vices and still return to them. I do not condemn these behaviors, for I am found in both of these statements. Somewhere along the way the challenge switched from cognition to belief. I've said it before; I guess that's where faith lies.

Do you suppose that what is offered by him is better than what is offered by the world? Certainly, as such is a pillar of what we believe...

But I am starting to realize that writing it down does no better for me; I still am not completely convinced.

I'm guess I'm hoping that somewhere along the way some wires got crossed or I got hung up on some bitterness, and then I will go back with ferocity in believing that the word of God is what man lives by. Or perhaps God is showing me what it is like to live in want, so that contentment might make itself apparent in me.

It is so weak of me to ask God for riches, counting on His ability to fit pack animals through the heads of needles.

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