Here it goes:

I am not going to be hipster anymore.

DISCLAIMER: I never really was hipster anyway.

That is such a burden off of my shoulders! Ever since living in Nashvegas I feel as though I have had to shoulder this burden of refined taste. Well, I'm tired of it.

Sorry if I let you down, and you were one of those few people who thought I listened to cool music and wore nice clothes.

I wear soccer jerseys and free t-shirts full-time now.

What if God was hip? Or, maybe, what if there was some neat guy who was all classy and he made God his "refined taste"? I've actually thought about this before. Is real Christianity "hip"?

Maybe I'll wake up one morning and Jesus will be my MacBook and God will be my plaid button-up and the Holy Spirit will be my Chacos.

But no.. God isn't hip either.

It makes me think of a frustrated Martin Bashir, with a dribble of saliva peeking out the corner of his mouth, yelling "You’re trying to make the gospel palatable for contemporary people!"

What makes the gospel appealing at all then, if it isn't classy or hip? Only love, but you can't be selfish with it. Love everyone, friends and enemies.

Taking up your cross isn't hip.

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