God is always faithful.

This phrase has become very significant to me the past three months. As I was driving home today I had the slight suspicion that the words acted as sort of a blind, shielding me from happenings that may throw the validity of the phrase into question.

Perhaps when I repeat the words, I am convincing myself of their accuracy or maybe "speaking them into truth." If he isn't faithful, would I even know?

I do not want to be a naive child wearing a blindfold, uttering words I cannot trust.

But I have found myself repeating them, and then trusting them. I am not entirely certain why. I love these words.

I suppose that in the long term I believe that God will see his promises through, and things will be redeemed. If they are not, then when I am old and gray or veiled with a tombstone I take back my words.

But for now, I believe them.


On a completely different note, it is with great pleasure that I can say that FC Barcelona defeated Manchester United in the Champions League final. There are many reasons why I like the Azulgrana.

It could be because they win with finesse, possession, and guile, instead of the rapid, direct, counter-attack style of many sides today. It could be because 75% of the players have gone through the youth academy la masia instead of being expensively purchased from around the world. Or maybe it's because all of the players are tiny in comparison to most footballers. Maybe it's because they have no sponsor, but instead sponsor UNICEF themselves. Maybe it is the underdog stories of Lionel Messi and/or Eric Abidal. Who knows.

Barca forever.

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